MS Office 2007 messing up Firefox icons

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MS Office 2007 messing up Firefox icons

Post by Admin™ on Tue Mar 10, 2015 6:17 am

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When people ask me why I don’t like Office 2007 one immediate answer coming to my mind is, of course, ribbon. But today I’ve figured another one – a cause/solution to the problem bugging my system for months.

Generally, after you install Firefox, you get pretty icons on all saved HTMLs and URLs in Windows Explorer. But if you have also installed MS Office (before or after, doesn’t matter) you will get them all wrong like on the picture on the left.

I have tried adding/deleting File Type Associations and looked all over the Registry for the possible cause and couldn’t identify it until today, randomly, I have been wandering there again and decided to compare FirefoxURL (handler for .url that appears with proper icon) and FirefoxHTML. As it turns out Office has registered its own icon handler that, for some reason, doesn’t even work (might be because my XP is 64-bit) and causes Explorer to display standard «unknown file type» icon. What’s more, File Type Associations dialog lets us neither change that handler nor see it’s even registered so all icon changes you can do via that dialog will not be reflected.

So, the solution:

Open regedit.exe from Start → Run
Open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and find and open FirefoxHTML entry
You should see ShellEx entry – open it and there should be IconHandler entry
Select IconHandler and confirm that it indeed belongs to MS Office – copy the value of key (the only one) and run Find with that value (check only to look at keys)
Once the Editor finds it you can expand it and open InprocServer32 – on the right pane you should see something like C:\Program Files\MICROS~1\Office12\MSOHEVI.DLL
If everything is fine – go back to FirefoxHTML → ShellEx and delete or rename IconHandler

This should fix the problem and you will be able to once again see proper Firefox icons for saved web pages.

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